About Toolbox

toolbox-beverly-cityMission: Toolbox for Teachers provides trainings and support to address educational inequalities and promote resilient, nurturing environments for students, teachers and schools.

Currently, many schools possess and implement effective systems to analyze and improve learning conditions, with most efforts thus far focusing largely on preparing teachers for optimal instruction in subject matter topics. The focus of Toolbox for Teachers’ Trainings is directed towards the unique social-emotional needs of teachers and students in the context of trauma-informed educational practices. In these trainings, administrators and teachers are provided essential tools to promote resiliency and create school cultures where children can learn. These tools are based on research from the cutting edge fields of social neuroscience and trauma-sensitive schools.

These trainings takes into account 2 target problems in many schools:

  • How to best mitigate teacher attrition.
  • How to best create trauma-sensitive schools and classrooms where children can learn.

Toolbox for Teachers’ trainings attend to these 2 target problems by providing interventions predicated on evidence-based practices and theories in the fields of mindfulness and social emotional competencies.

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