Resiliency and Mindfulness

Mindfulness for Teachers*

The materials from this highly restorative and informative session focus on deepening educators’ practice of mindfulness, with a focus on how to build an effective practice and how to share those tools with students. Teachers explore evidence pointing to the positive effects of mindfulness including increased lowered stress, greater ability to focus, self-awareness, as well as improvements in physical and mental health. Experiential activities include breathing, visualization and mindful moving techniques. Teachers are provided with many hands on activities and resources to take back to their classrooms and share with students. 120 minutes.

The Balanced Teacher & The Resilient Classroom*

This whole staff training tackles the issue of student and teacher resiliency. In this training, teachers learn about and practice evidence-based techniques from the field of mental health and positive psychology to plan for the inevitable challenges and successes of the school year. Teachers are also coached on how to incorporate these resiliency techniques into their classroom in order to encourage students’ emotional intelligence, problem-solving, self-regulation and resiliency. Teachers leave this workshop with personalized techniques to set and follow up on goals, as well as strategies to help students bounce back from adversity. 120 minutes.

*Collaborative coaching sessions are recommended as a follow up to all of the trainings. Sessions, which take place in the classroom, are 120 minutes in length and include individual planning, goal setting, observation, modeling and guided practice.


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