Trauma-Sensitive Social Emotional Learning

The Calm and Connected Classroom: Adverse Childhood Experiences and The Social Neuroscience of Learning*

This popular and essential training is the cornerstone of the Toolbox for Teachers series. The Calm and Connected Classroom introduces teachers to the behind-the-scenes world of students and the emotional and biological effects of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on the developing brain. In this module, teachers learn techniques to manage stress in the classroom through mindfulness and social-emotional activities such as Social-Emotional Wheels, Finger-Breathing, Take 4 Before, and the 1-Minute Calm Down Challenge. Teachers also reconnect to their legacies as teachers, and learn best practices for incorporating social-emotional check-ins to create calm, and connected classrooms experiences for everyone. 120 minutes.

Further Along the Road of the Calm and Connected Classroom*

This workshop follows up on material from The Calm and Connected Classroom while also delving into the topic of how attachment theory shapes classroom interactions. During this training, teachers practice social-emotional competencies such as reflective and empathetic listening, effective feedback and effective requests, de-escalation, and whole-brain communication. Teachers will also take a look at specific classroom techniques designed to help at-risk students deal with difficult emotions and make a plan to incorporate them in their classroom. 120-140 minutes.

*Collaborative coaching sessions are recommended as a follow up to all of the trainings. Sessions, which take place in the classroom, are 120 minutes in length and include individual planning, goal setting, observation, modeling and guided practice.


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